“Who Said What”: Well-Known Spy Misquoted

For this spy-genre visual assignment, I am particularly proud of my media product created. The instructions were to pick three similar secret agent characters, and layer a picture of one, a quote of the second, and the name of the third over each other into a ‘quote’ image. The point of the assignment is to confuse the viewer into possibly believing the origin of the quote, by choosing similarly well-known spies. View my product below!


I first searched for an inspiring quote from one of my favorite secret agents, Lana Kane from the TV show “Archer”. After finding one which was broad enough, but captured her personality, I noted that it seemed almost motherly in it’s critique. I then thought of layering it over a photo of the spy and mother Elizabeth from the TV show “The Americans”, which is on the same network as “Archer”. Since Elizabeth is of Russian KGB origins, I attributed the quote to the European spy villainness Rayna Boyanov from the film “Spy”. This name seemed believable when looking back at Elizabeth, and the quote fit with a photo which showed Elizabeth’s children in the background. All three are also from the same time-period of spy/secret agent storytelling (Modern day).

I found this assignment easy-to-average in difficulty. The difficult part was in choosing pieces of characters which could be blended believably to the unsure onlooker or the untrained eye of a genre-buff.


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