Spy Mix-Tape

For this four point audio assignment, I decided to create a Soundcloud mix-tape of notable spy songs, many of which related to my radio group’s specific topic of sexspionage. You can view the playlist below!

I wanted to avoid song covers, to capture the original songs’ direct references of the spy genre. As a result, half of the tracks were only available for general audiences as a preview. However, one can still view them independently on platforms like Youtube if they interest you!

I started this assignment by picking specific references of spies who’ve engaged in sexspionage, quickly thinking of Archer from “Archer”, Britney Spear’s character in her “Toxic” video, and James Bond in his films. I also noted the flirting used by Eggsy and Susan Cooper in “Kingsman” and “Spy” respectively. I then arranged the song order to most immediately call to mind the audience’s knowledge of these flirtatious spy tactics, starting with a suggestive reference constantly sung/exclaimed by Archer (Who ironically has fallen victim to the honeypot tactic himself). Then I referenced “Toxic”, where Britney is portraying a spy using the honeypot espionage technique. I followed this up with an iconic Bond song, before jumping to a memorable tune from “Kingsman”, and wrapping up the mix-tape by using another somber Bond song and ending with an energetic “Spy” tune.

I found this assignment fun and easy to complete, giving me some inspiration for possible orchestral instrumentals I could sample for our radio show in the weeks to come.

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