Photoblitzer: Flowers, Ties, Art, and More!

A photo of an object that represents how old I feel (My baby-kid sweater):

A photo which communicates an abandoned/discarded feeling (1930s published book):

A photo of  grid pattern (My sheets):

“The dusky path of a dream…” -Tagore (Mulan visual development art):

Silhouette photo abstraction challenge (Flowers):

Close up of a uniquely textured object:

(Hint: A lamp gifted to me… very reminiscent of Dr. Seuss in retrospect!)

A photo of an object representing how old I feel (My young professional tie):

I found this challenge quick and fun! It only took me 10 minutes to gather these photos, so I think it was relatively easy. I thought it was interesting to find two different objects for a repeated prompt, but I think I pulled it off in both cases! I’m satisfied with my first photoblitz results.

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