Mission Check-In: Week 8

This week, I created two daily creates through my Twitter account, each of which took a short ten minutes using Paint to make. I actually ended up creating a clock design I would potentially be interest in purchasing if a similar product is ever actually created. My creations are shown below.

I also checked out some other student radio shows, and left feedback in addition to actively liking or retweeting amusing Twitter daily creates by my peers.

My second week of reflection on completing our radio show using separately recording topic segments from each member was also created, highlighting my satisfaction over the resulting product while providing suggested critiques I can take into consideration for future group projects.

Sexspionage Radio Show Completion

Finally, I present our group’s finished radio show! Check it out below, and feel free to leave feedback telling me any of your thoughts. Special thanks goes to Alex, for ordering our segments and uploading the final radio show file. It was a surprising amount of fun in retrospect, though quite the workload. I think our spy/secret agent theme really did heighten the fun of the entire experience.

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