Mission Check-In: Week 5 Summary

Week 5’s mission assignments were enjoyable and fun creative experiments with me. I stared the week off with a tutoring session on Audacity at UMW’s Digital Media/Tech Center, while additionally completing my three daily creates shown below. I additionally had a discussion with a classmate about what prompted me to continue with a feet theme for one of the daily creates.

I then reflected on Moon Graffiti and on the role of sound in storytelling, before checking out Wednesday and Thursday live tweet-alongs of “Limetown”. I additionally commented on some students’ blogs, providing feedback on their creations.

I then completed a DS106 Radio bumper, and discussed my potential idea for a spy-themed radio show.

Finally, I completed four audio assignments totaling over 12 points. I reversed a well-known song and provided clues as to what it is, then created a 30-second speed-dating recording of Agent 003 talking to his favorite actress, who plays Maeve on “Westworld”. I then created a Motown conversational-mashup of two songs, and showed how I lessened the sudden jump between each song using Audacity. Finally, I created a wedding sound story to wrap up my assignments (Likely my favorite creation of the week).

Week 5 was interesting and fairly easy to keep up with in terms of the workload. Audacity wasn’t as frightening as I thought it was going to be! Excited to see how next week’s mission assignments fair.


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