Mission Check-In: Week 4 Summary

I found week four’s mission to be surprisingly quick to finish, and found it easier to manage classmate interactions on top of the assignments. My Twitter Daily Creates, pictured below, were primarily completed using Paint. The Warhol-inspired creation took the longest to create within the time-parameters allowed, and required me to make some split-second choices on how to simplify my own portrait details to mimic ‘Marilyn’.

In terms of classmate interactions, I kept up with giving some Twitter feedback in addition to liking entertaining creations, as well as giving some more detailed feedback on individual students and their solutions to tricky visual assignments.

I also wrote my reflections on our photography discussion resources, noting my own experience with photography, before analyzing the film “Kingsman” using photographic principles. I found that the 20-minute Photoblitz I completed was also a great warmup for photo-creation.

Finally, I completed a Shot At First Love story assignment based on a photograph, as well as a secret-agent assignment and two additional assignments worth over 6 points (A spy collage and a blurring challenge). I’m particularly proud of the written story I generated for my love-photo story, as I spent the most time on that assignment and was most satisfied with the result. However, all of these assignments were fun and painless to complete! I’ve also enjoyed figuring out how to add embedding links in WordPress, a feature I will be heavily making use of in the foreseeable future. I’m excited to see what our audio-mission holds!





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