Mission Check-In: Week 3 Summary

I found the third week’s focus on writing assignments and the analysis of spy genre stories to be quite enjoyable! Early in the week, I completed my three Daily Creates on Twitter, pictured below. The shadow image was difficult to capture with my camera accurately, but otherwise I simply had to use Paint to resize the pink hat shown in my third creation.

I continued to interact on Twitter, liking other students’ creations and blog updates, and also commented on another student’s blog-post who choose particularly interesting song/emotion correlations in my opinion (http://mission106.sarahdickshinski.com/blog/uncategorized/%e2%80%a2-emotional-lyrics-%e2%80%a2/).

I then wrote a character dossier for my secret agent character, Wren Wilder/”003″ (Shown below). After filling out the initial dossier form submission, I found that the description and backstory for him was not as challenging as I had initially anticipated it to be. I believe I simply created an agent I was interested in following around within a fictional spy story!


Next, I completed my four writing assignments, two of which correlated with our secret agent theme. I wrote a fortune-cookie narrative about 003, as well as 8 points of assignments which included a diary entry showing when Mirage became a double-agent in “The Incredibles”,  a song reflection, and a hiaku written about hiakus.





I concluded the week by analyzing “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, observing common themes within the genre found in each and creating a chart to show the plot progression of Kingsman according to Vonnegut’s story model. I found the week enjoyable and fairly managable overall!




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