Mission Check-In: Week 2 Summary

I found week two to be more enjoyable because of the increased and positive community interactions I had with other students, particularly on Twitter. Below are the three daily creates I made, along with one classmate’s tweet I replied to which ended up resulting in a minor discussion about their process for an assignment they created this week.

This first daily create was the most involved of the three, as I had to create the blueberry graphic using MS Paint. The other two daily creates were less involved, but were slightly more entertaining creatively in my opinion. They were created through a YouTube video frame printing converter and using my own camera.

Additionally, I had some interactions on Twitter with other students about their work, and responded to my first blog comment on my “Mission 106 Thoughts” post(http://ds106.wbschd.com/tag/mission106thoughts/).

In addition to my daily creates, I customized my blog with additional headers, an About Me page with a custom image I created to match my blog banner, and a live Twitter feed. For my three assignments, linked below, I completed Visual, Writing, and Audio tasks which involved editing a spy photograph to include a pop star, misrepresenting a movie or show based on its synopsis, and recording my own personal thoughts on a song of significance to me. I also made my first assignment, a Visual task inspired by our secret agent theme and the potential for cipher photo art (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/cipher-typography-photo-images/)!




Overall, I found this week entertaining. I thought the introduction of the daily creates were helpful to start getting my creative juices flowing, while the assignments were slightly more challenging because it took longer for me to generate concepts for my media products in the end.

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