How a Song Makes Me Feel: “Hurt”

For the 2 point writing assignment, “How Does a Song Make You Feel?”, I had to choose a song and twitter a summary of what I felt from listening to the song.

I feel remorse when I hear this song, as it reminds me of how I’ve hurt people I never should have in the past (Either intentionally or unintentionally). It can feel like a natural response in some moments to lash out at people when you feel wronged or unjustly hurt, but I’ve had to learn the hard way over time that my problems stem from myself. As change is the only constant in the world, the nearest thing to a constant which I can control is my reaction whenever negative or emotionally charged situations present themselves to me. While I’m not necessarily a fan of ballads in general, I found the simplicity of this song instrumentally and the emphasis on a single vocal delivery of the lyrics to make me feel remorse for past actions, but also encouraged that I can recognize how I’ve changed the way I perceive my own actions towards other people. Learning from your mistakes is always powerful. I would rank this assignment as easy and enjoyable!



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