“Happy” Song Meaning and Interpretation

For my first Audio Assignment, I completed “What A Song Might Mean to You” (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/what-a-song-might-mean-to-you/). For this assignment, I had to chose a song which reminded me of something meaningful or significant, then create an audio recording discussing this. I wanted to pick a song which had personal significance for me, and also portrayed a range of emotions. After reflecting on some song options, I decided that the most meaningful song I could easily describe would be “Happy” by Marina and the Diamonds, displayed below.

In my blog intro, I finished my personal introductions by choosing this song as a personal favorite to enjoy over the holidays or to sing in my free time. I found that after outlining my thoughts on the song, the most difficult part of my recording was in moderating nervous speaking habits such as “um”s. I did my best at controlling these speaking tendencies, and will hopefully improve if I do any future recordings! Listen to my assignment audio to find out it why it brings me a unique happiness.

A challenge I had with the technical aspects of making the SoundCloud recording was that when I recorded my initial discussion at about 3:30 minutes, the audio continuously became corrupted. Only when I shortened the length to around 2:20 minutes did it correctly process with an attached image and title added after. I attribute this potentially to my weak Wifi connection, but luckily I was talking slower with unnecessary pauses, and I could actually present all my thoughts clearly with less pauses as a result. I didn’t outline as much material as I thought I actually had to discuss! I’d view this assignment as intermediate, because I personally find recording content through SoundCloud a challenge just based on my own nerves and communication/delivery abilities.

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