Final Project: Final Weekly Mission Summary

For the final week of DS106, I collaborated with Cole (“The Accountant”) to determine whether an agent, such as Agent Fawn, was working with The Directorate to gather intelligence on our agents behind our backs… as well as any possible ties The Directorate or Professor Bond had to Russia. I found the collaborative effort highly successful, with a large variety of multimedia products being used in a final 3-part video analysis series. I created two initial visuals, which Cole then manipulated before being used in our video series (Shown below).

Agent Fawn Wanted

...Bond in Russian Restaurant?

I additionally created some HTTP Google X-Ray edits, used to support our analysis of evidence.

Second 2

Second 3

I then created the audio files for the first two parts of our analysis, and their corresponding image/video compilations (Including some video and photo content I got from the Digital Knowledge Center this week), before putting the Audacity files and MS Paint edits into cohesive Windows Movie Maker projects. I’m especially fond of how the first part turned out. Check out our videos below!

It turns out, Professor Bond was onto The Directorate the entire time… at used their naive sense of security in Russia against them! I’m highly content with the conceptual project Cole and I created, our teamwork/communication/work distribution, and our resulting project parts. It’s been a great semester!

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