Final Project Check-In: Week 1

As shown in the Google Doc for my group of two, which includes myself and Cole Hodges, we’re planning on using 2-3 of the item ideas for our project. This week, we heavily annotated the Items Agenda provided to the class within the doc, and I additionally made an initial “Wanted” poster for the Secret Agent of one of our classmates who is a part of the DKCenter at UMW, as we’ll be suspecting their involvement with the Directorate. We’ve generated a to-do list within the document, which includes ideas for web, video, audio, written, and visual content we can make next week in our analysis of who is likely behind our class’s betrayal. They should easily add up to around 30 points of assignments when completed.

I feel confident in our understanding of this open-ended project after this week, likely because we spent 3 hours editing our document with questions, solutions, and ideas. Any feedback is appreciated! I’m excited for next week, where polls will also be analyzed for our investigation. Below are my Twitter polls from this week. Picking poll answers for other people’s polls was also a fun part of this week for me!


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