Changing Agents’ Fortunes

For this 3 point writing assignment, “Changing Fortunes” (, I had to use a randomly-generated fortune cookie for inspiration in my own short narrative which tied in our spy theme for the semester. I used my character, Wren Wilder (003), to explore the idea of loneliness an office-based agent might face when his friends are called away. I found this assignment enjoyable, and not incredibly difficult after having completed my character dossier. My narrative is presented below.

The clock was broken, what Wren was trying to convince himself, as he saw that only three hours had passed since his favorite colleagues parted ways with him at the facility’s helicopter pad. Dread and concern never ate away at him to a paralyzing degree when his friends left on a mission, and this wasn’t even an internationally based target, so the lack of relative danger related to this mission should not leave him feeling… dazed. Regardless, the Chinese food they had urgently been called away from to be briefed and outfitted with Wren’s recommended equipment had lost the warmth the break-room had shared when they were enjoying lunch. Wren packaged the leftovers, before discarding the trash. He tried to behave as if a silence prayer was not passing through his mind.

After wiping down the tables and turning off the break-room’s lights, the wrapper of a piece of trash caught his eye. He pulled out the fortune cookie, and opened it unassumingly to read, “being alone and being lonely are two different things“. He placed the sentiment in the recycling bin, before his mouth upturned unconsciously.

He pondered whether he could find a practical reason to radio his friends before the helicopter reached its destination. Wren raced back to his station, to think of some more gadget features he could instruction the agents on from the weaponry log details. There must have been something he had missed. If he was alone, he could mitigate threats by being more miraculous. Tools are only useful when their users are knowledgeable. 003 could find that knowledge. Knowledge is power, and power is the closest thing to protection he can promise them in the end.

2 thoughts on “Changing Agents’ Fortunes”

  1. Such a fun little narrative! I really love the line “He placed the sentiment in the recycling bin, before his mouth upturned unconsciously” – it’s such a unique way to express that 003 threw something away.

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I wanted to show how he acknowledged it as a particular sentiment, but had yet to consciously register that the sentiment truly spoke to him in that moment (Like how it registered more-so in the next paragraph). It was supposed to be a “huh” moment for 003, like how one would read something interesting on the cover of a magazine as they were throwing it away. I’m glad it came across pleasingly!

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