“Blackmail”: Blurred Image Challenge

Make a quick guess: what is normally recognizable, and is distorted through photography in the image below?


For this visual assignment, I was instructed to take a recognizable subject and distort an image of it to be unrecognizable. I primarily relied on image blurring during the photo-session, while using a large textbook to deepen the shadow on the left side of the distorted photograph. Additionally, I choose an odd angle for the photo to be taken at, in the hopes of confusing observers regarding the subject in question.

I found this 3.5 point challenge relatively easy, and believed I was fairly successful in distorting my subject material. I could have darkened the lighting more, but wanted to have some lighting present as a clue to observers (And I felt that darkness would have done too much of the work for me in distorting the subject, even before blurring the photo or shifting its angle). View the original subject below!

Real photo


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