Analyzing Kingsman’s Photographic Moments

Using the film “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, I’ve identified four specific photographic examples which exemplify balance, depth, moment, and light principles. First, Eggsy’s senior agent Harry Hart is portrayed in the photo below during a photographic ‘moment’. As referenced in Campbell’s blog post on photography and narrative, Hart is caught in a narrative conflict. Yet, he is also nearing the finish of the fight by using his weaponized umbrella, positioned as a gun; this could also be seen as a climax of the narrative moment.

Kingsman Moment

Second, Hart is again portrayed in such a way that shadows are lighting him heavily in contrast with the bright light of the rest of the bigoted church. The shadows are also central in the photo, making the focus of the image the darker foreground where Hart is compared to the background of the photo. This usage of light in the photograph captures Hart’s forced turn to dark actions (The murder of relative innocents due to Valentine’s mind control).

Kingsman Lighting

Next, Eggsy and Hart are pictured in an image which highlights depth. The depth, or relative closeness portrayed, of Eggsy is distorted, as his head is the closest part of the foreground to the image’s viewer, but his distant reflection directs the viewer to focus on what Eggsy’s head is looking at… himself. This photographic framing of the scene fits with Hart’s attempts at convincing Eggsy of his potentially untapped value as a person.

Kingsman Depth

Finally, photographic balance is shown with the image below, portraying Eggsy and fellow agent trainees performing under stress during their first training test assignment. The ‘objects’, or the three trainees, are captured in a manner which balances the visual weight of image. The upper and lower halves of the photo seem to have equal weight, with Eggsy outstretched and ‘rising’ to the occasion, while the two shrunken trainees balance the bottom half of the scene image while providing contrasting weights with Eggsy (They each only take up half of Eggsy’s visual weight).

Kingsman Balance

The main principles I discussed were what stood out to me, but I’m sure further elaboration could be made regarding principles such as contrast, perspective, and foreground/background even in the images that I just discussed. I did attempt to indirectly touched on some of them, as they supported the main principles’ purposes in conveying the narrative of the story. This was an interesting analysis topic!


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