Agent 003’s Bucket List

003 Bucket List

For this 3.5 point visual assignment, I was instructed to create a bucket list of at least four photos and describe the collage. To incorporate our secret agent theme, I decided to make Agent 003’s (Wren Wilder’s) bucket list!

Since 003 is at the SIA facility primarily, he’s never directly in action-packed missions like his colleagues. However, he’s enrolled himself in self-defense courses as a precaution, and has recently taken up Pilates to improve his coordination and flexibility. He secretly stays motivated to push himself harder during these various training sessions by imagining himself saving a co-worker from a mission adversary with a jump-kick dealt while within a split. That’s the only way stretching could become cool. With his gadgetry and technological expertise, 003 desperately wants to incorporate Google Glasses into his database operations for the facility’s weaponry. It’s just going to take some time to figure out how to secure any compromising system development decisions made by GG developers, before he can ever hope to securely incorporate it in his classified environment.

The various nations of Europe 003 traveled before his position at the SIA left him with a deeper craving to explore Asia, with the Ashikaga flower garden in Japan being his ideal first destination due to the majestic lavender greenery cloaking the region. Finally, his history as an archer and marksman make 003 itch to split an arrow, if he can ever make it out to an archery target range again in between his chaotic work schedule.

I found this assignment easy and enjoyable to complete, especially from the point of view of secret agent 003.


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