Advice for Future DS106ers

I have seemingly disjointed pieces of advice that was nonetheless useful to me during my Spring 2017 semester: plan and outline your assignment ideas early on each week, and try to only allocate reasonable amounts of time to complete each of your weekly tasks before giving yourself an initial ‘cut-off’ (Unless you really get into a particular project)! As Parkinson’s Law states, work expands within the time you allocate to get it done… while it’s a great idea to not wait until the last night to complete projects, I also found it to be a learning experience when I had to eventually decide to be satisfied with any assignments I spend over 2 hours on (Not including pre-planning or resource/materials gathering). The class is a marathon, and not a sprint, so don’t burn yourself out like I did on a few of the weeks!

Some additional advice… if you recognize someone from your online DS106 class you interact with in some of your university classes, go have a chat with them! I ended up bonding with future DS106 project group members by doing this, and got an actual friend out of a DS106 classmate I regularly interacted with during the various Twitter activities we engaged in during the semester. The class can be stressful at times, but also enjoyable and therapeutic in at least an equal share. Don’t limit yourself by high expectations, or low levels of motivation, and interact with other classmates! I promise, it can make a world of a difference. Best wishes, William (And his secret agent alias, Wren Wilder…AKA Agent 003).

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