003’s Speed-Date with Thandie Newton: “Celebrity Speed-Dating”

For this 3 point audio assignment, I was instructed to record a thirty second speed-dating clip telling a celebrity enough about me to see if they were interested. To relate it to our secret agent theme for the semester, I wrote a quick script for Agent 003 (Wren Wilder) outside of his classified field of work, introducing himself to his favorite actress Thandie Newton.

Determining a celebrity whom 003 would be interested in was fairly easy for me, since Newton’s superb portrait of the looping robot Maive experiencing an ongoing existential crisis on “Westworld” directly correlating with his interest in both the practical and philosophical aspects of modern technology. I’m sure the beauties, dangers, and possibilities of artificial intelligence gaining sentience would be a naturally compelling storyline Wren would enjoy watching in his free time, making him a fan of Thandie Newton.

I found this assignment easy and quick, adding a timer effect in the background using Audacity after listening to Limetown’s clever usage of a timer effect in the season 1 podcast finale.

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