Week 1 Summary

The first week of Digital Studies was relatively smooth, though I had surprisingly significant issues not with setting up my own domain and Word press, but in figuring out how to actually make posts and publish posts with the accurate time-stamp (as the UTC provided automatically resulted in an inaccurate time-stamp). With generous help from the Digital Knowledge Center, I believe all of these issues have been sorted for the time being.

This week, I introduced myself with a selfie, a greeting tweet, an audio recording in which I shared some personal details about myself, and a Youtube video where everyone can play a quick game with me. The toughest part of content creation was creating the ideas for some of the media, like playing a game with the viewer for my video media. I believe creating an audio file on Soundcloud was the most foreign experience for me, but I learned the necessary steps relatively painlessly. All of the sites were fairly unfamiliar to me from a creator’s perspective, and I’ll admit that I was slightly disappointed Tumblr was not used for any tasks simply because of my own familiarity with that site (though I understand that the sites used were effective choices for beginner tasks). I will also admit Flickr was a nightmare for getting the correct photo URL used in my introduction, as logging out and searching for my own profile was the only effective means of getting a photo page URL which would work! Below, I link to my multimodal post (which also includes further introduction through Word press text), followed by the media I created.

My Multimodal Introduction

Hello DS106!

I then reflected on Austin Kleon’s article on showing your work to others, and principles which helped to effectively accomplish this.

Show Your Work Reflection

Finally, I discussed my own thoughts on the spy genre and speculated on its potential usages relating to our own Digital Studies 106 course, including ideas such as radio shows discussing spy missions or mock interviews with our own spy aliases.

Mission 106 Thoughts

In summary, I found the first week to require a bit of effort in order to complete all of our assignment components, but was quite manageable. I’m excited to potentially learn more about domain customization and further applications of Soundcloud in particular in the weeks to come!