Final Project: Final Weekly Mission Summary

For the final week of DS106, I collaborated with Cole (“The Accountant”) to determine whether an agent, such as Agent Fawn, was working with The Directorate to gather intelligence on our agents behind our backs… as well as any possible ties The Directorate or Professor Bond had to Russia. I found the collaborative effort highly successful, with a large variety of multimedia products being used in a final 3-part video analysis series. I created two initial visuals, which Cole then manipulated before being used in our video series (Shown below).

Agent Fawn Wanted

...Bond in Russian Restaurant?

I additionally created some HTTP Google X-Ray edits, used to support our analysis of evidence.

Second 2

Second 3

I then created the audio files for the first two parts of our analysis, and their corresponding image/video compilations (Including some video and photo content I got from the Digital Knowledge Center this week), before putting the Audacity files and MS Paint edits into cohesive Windows Movie Maker projects. I’m especially fond of how the first part turned out. Check out our videos below!

It turns out, Professor Bond was onto The Directorate the entire time… at used their naive sense of security in Russia against them! I’m highly content with the conceptual project Cole and I created, our teamwork/communication/work distribution, and our resulting project parts. It’s been a great semester!

Week 12: Mission Check-in

In addition to commenting and classmate interactions on Twitter, I competed the two daily creates shown below. Both were quick and easy to complete.

I additionally completed a photo mashup tutorial and two visual assignment remixes, all of which were fun. ‘Go Emo Rainbow’ made me get creative to emphasize a non-colored rainbow, but it was an interesting remix assignment in retrospect.

Paint Tutorial: Photo Mashup

Military Shakespeare Cat Remix

Go Emo Rainbow Remix

Finally, I completed my 12 points of mashup assignments, one of which I based my tutorial on the procedure of! I’m excited for the final weeks of DS106.

Emotional Closeup Mashup

Actors Photo Mashup

10-Second Song Mashup


Mission Check-In: Week 10

This week, I provided student feedback on blogs and Twitter, in addition to the following two daily creates (Which were completed simply using Paint, easily).

I additionally completed my 003 character interview, in addition to over 10 points of video assignments (Which included a sign language challenge, a Vine challenge I manipulated to suit my capabilities, and morse code challenge). I attempted to create a video essay using Windows Movie Maker, but had issues finding a cite to pull the MP4 file I desired for my essay. I could have done a live voice-over recording taken from my phone on the video, but that wasn’t quite the point of that assignment. My issues should be fixed by next week though. On to week two of videos!

Mission Check-In: Week 9

This week, I had fun live-tweeting and reflecting on our class’s radio programs, in addition to creating a narrative around three of our weekly daily creates. Additionally, I completed 8 stars worth of assignments which included a vision board of my dream room, a comparison of Youtube site changes over the years, a Google drawing game, and an X-Ray Goggles manipulation of a website. Further, I chose my  three favorite creations made by other students! I also kept up with classmate feedback both on Twitter and on classmates’ individual sites. All of the tasks were surprisingly manageable and enjoyable, with the butterfly story webpage manipulation probably the most interesting creation of the week. Onward, to Week 10!


Mission Check-In: Week 8

This week, I created two daily creates through my Twitter account, each of which took a short ten minutes using Paint to make. I actually ended up creating a clock design I would potentially be interest in purchasing if a similar product is ever actually created. My creations are shown below.

I also checked out some other student radio shows, and left feedback in addition to actively liking or retweeting amusing Twitter daily creates by my peers.

My second week of reflection on completing our radio show using separately recording topic segments from each member was also created, highlighting my satisfaction over the resulting product while providing suggested critiques I can take into consideration for future group projects.

Sexspionage Radio Show Completion

Finally, I present our group’s finished radio show! Check it out below, and feel free to leave feedback telling me any of your thoughts. Special thanks goes to Alex, for ordering our segments and uploading the final radio show file. It was a surprising amount of fun in retrospect, though quite the workload. I think our spy/secret agent theme really did heighten the fun of the entire experience.

Mission Check-In: Week 7

This week’s mission focus on our group radio show was intriguing! My group decided on Sexspionage as our topic, with my corresponding weekly progress and design challenge posts below.

Next, I completed three weekly daily creates (Shown below).


I additionally kept up with student comments on blogs and Twitter.

Finally, I completed three audio assignments and a design assignment, creating a commercial, a radio bumper, a spy playlist mix-tape, and a radio spy sexspionage poster.

Overall, I had a fun week!




Mission Check-In: Week 5 Summary

Week 5’s mission assignments were enjoyable and fun creative experiments with me. I stared the week off with a tutoring session on Audacity at UMW’s Digital Media/Tech Center, while additionally completing my three daily creates shown below. I additionally had a discussion with a classmate about what prompted me to continue with a feet theme for one of the daily creates.

I then reflected on Moon Graffiti and on the role of sound in storytelling, before checking out Wednesday and Thursday live tweet-alongs of “Limetown”. I additionally commented on some students’ blogs, providing feedback on their creations.

I then completed a DS106 Radio bumper, and discussed my potential idea for a spy-themed radio show.

Finally, I completed four audio assignments totaling over 12 points. I reversed a well-known song and provided clues as to what it is, then created a 30-second speed-dating recording of Agent 003 talking to his favorite actress, who plays Maeve on “Westworld”. I then created a Motown conversational-mashup of two songs, and showed how I lessened the sudden jump between each song using Audacity. Finally, I created a wedding sound story to wrap up my assignments (Likely my favorite creation of the week).

Week 5 was interesting and fairly easy to keep up with in terms of the workload. Audacity wasn’t as frightening as I thought it was going to be! Excited to see how next week’s mission assignments fair.


Mission Check-In: Week 4 Summary

I found week four’s mission to be surprisingly quick to finish, and found it easier to manage classmate interactions on top of the assignments. My Twitter Daily Creates, pictured below, were primarily completed using Paint. The Warhol-inspired creation took the longest to create within the time-parameters allowed, and required me to make some split-second choices on how to simplify my own portrait details to mimic ‘Marilyn’.

In terms of classmate interactions, I kept up with giving some Twitter feedback in addition to liking entertaining creations, as well as giving some more detailed feedback on individual students and their solutions to tricky visual assignments.

I also wrote my reflections on our photography discussion resources, noting my own experience with photography, before analyzing the film “Kingsman” using photographic principles. I found that the 20-minute Photoblitz I completed was also a great warmup for photo-creation.

Finally, I completed a Shot At First Love story assignment based on a photograph, as well as a secret-agent assignment and two additional assignments worth over 6 points (A spy collage and a blurring challenge). I’m particularly proud of the written story I generated for my love-photo story, as I spent the most time on that assignment and was most satisfied with the result. However, all of these assignments were fun and painless to complete! I’ve also enjoyed figuring out how to add embedding links in WordPress, a feature I will be heavily making use of in the foreseeable future. I’m excited to see what our audio-mission holds!





Mission Check-In: Week 3 Summary

I found the third week’s focus on writing assignments and the analysis of spy genre stories to be quite enjoyable! Early in the week, I completed my three Daily Creates on Twitter, pictured below. The shadow image was difficult to capture with my camera accurately, but otherwise I simply had to use Paint to resize the pink hat shown in my third creation.

I continued to interact on Twitter, liking other students’ creations and blog updates, and also commented on another student’s blog-post who choose particularly interesting song/emotion correlations in my opinion (

I then wrote a character dossier for my secret agent character, Wren Wilder/”003″ (Shown below). After filling out the initial dossier form submission, I found that the description and backstory for him was not as challenging as I had initially anticipated it to be. I believe I simply created an agent I was interested in following around within a fictional spy story!

Next, I completed my four writing assignments, two of which correlated with our secret agent theme. I wrote a fortune-cookie narrative about 003, as well as 8 points of assignments which included a diary entry showing when Mirage became a double-agent in “The Incredibles”,  a song reflection, and a hiaku written about hiakus.

I concluded the week by analyzing “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, observing common themes within the genre found in each and creating a chart to show the plot progression of Kingsman according to Vonnegut’s story model. I found the week enjoyable and fairly managable overall!


Mission Check-In: Week 2 Summary

I found week two to be more enjoyable because of the increased and positive community interactions I had with other students, particularly on Twitter. Below are the three daily creates I made, along with one classmate’s tweet I replied to which ended up resulting in a minor discussion about their process for an assignment they created this week.

This first daily create was the most involved of the three, as I had to create the blueberry graphic using MS Paint. The other two daily creates were less involved, but were slightly more entertaining creatively in my opinion. They were created through a YouTube video frame printing converter and using my own camera.

Additionally, I had some interactions on Twitter with other students about their work, and responded to my first blog comment on my “Mission 106 Thoughts” post(

In addition to my daily creates, I customized my blog with additional headers, an About Me page with a custom image I created to match my blog banner, and a live Twitter feed. For my three assignments, linked below, I completed Visual, Writing, and Audio tasks which involved editing a spy photograph to include a pop star, misrepresenting a movie or show based on its synopsis, and recording my own personal thoughts on a song of significance to me. I also made my first assignment, a Visual task inspired by our secret agent theme and the potential for cipher photo art (!

Overall, I found this week entertaining. I thought the introduction of the daily creates were helpful to start getting my creative juices flowing, while the assignments were slightly more challenging because it took longer for me to generate concepts for my media products in the end.