Butterfly Storytelling Within the Web

For this assignment, I used X-Ray Goggles to manipulate a search result for ‘butterfly’, injecting some humor about they think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, and discussing how their etymology is derivative from a foreign language verb meaning “spawn of Satan”. I had fun with this assignment, finding the process not excruciatingly difficult to complete once I chose a web page topic to manipulate. It was fun making ‘luminous moths’ seem like overly egotistical paper birds. Check out my page below!


Luminous Moths


Way Back Youtube Time Machine

For this two-point web assignment, I choose to look through a years-long archive of Youtube site records to compare the changes which took place during that time. Shown below, I narrowed the range to between 2012 and 2017, emphasizing a major design revamp on the site in 2013 which is still a prevalent design choice in the present.

2012 to 2017

The only major differences I noted between 2013-2017 site change were the inclusion of additional left-hand sidebar options and video preview page reformatting choices over the years. See the comparison images of 2012, 2013, and 2017 below to emphasize my comparison. This was an interesting and nostalgic look back at a site I’ve used for nearly a decade now!

Youtube 2012

Youtube 2013

Youtube 2017

Google Draw Something

I found this 2-star assignment easy and fun to complete! I got Google to understand four of my six drawings, but I doubt I could have gotten it to guess Cow and Zebra even if I had double the time (Since I wouldn’t have sketched a figure close to either of the references Google showed to have used after my game was finished! See my sketches and Google’s analysis methodology below. I guess we just have some artistic differences!

Google Drawing Game

Google Drawing Game 3

Google Drawing Game 4


Google Drawing Game 5





Dream Room

For this 4 star assignment, I was instructed to create a Pinterest board of items I’d desire for my ‘dream room’. The board is provided below, followed by some of my wish-list selections.

Dream Room


I’d personally love to have a studio apartment with a wall-length mirror perfect for dancing in my free time, in addition to a protective bookcase for my reading collection and some music studio technology to experiment in musical composition and singing with. I’m an animal lover as well, so any potential pets also fit into any dream living environment I could imagine! I’m fairly minimalist apart from these hobbies, so I could really only ask for a simple bed, nightstand, bathroom, and kitchen to finish off a dream living situation.