Morse Code Challenge

For this five point video assignment, I was instructed to record a video using morse code to communicate a word to onlookers. I’d view this assignment as easy, with some helpful sites able to both create the audio required for the morse code and translate the word into written morse code for students. Check out my morse code below, and try to guess the word! Here’s a hint: What do people live for? The _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Name That Book Vine Challenge

For this 3.5 point video assignment, I was instructed to create a Vine video which helped onlookers to guess the book I was referring to. Since Vine has closed down, I created a Youtube video using short video clips of three separate Paint images I created for a famous book trilogy which mimicked the Vine video technique, minus the auto-looping effect. I’d view this assignment as easy, as long as you bend the rules beyond the Vine video specification. The images took me a bit to create, but that wasn’t extremely challenging either. Guess the book I chose using the video below!

Signing Words Challenge

For this 4.5 point video assignment, I was instructed to make a video using sign language to communicate a word or short series of words. I chose to sign out my spy agent character’s name, Wren Wilder. I viewed this assignment as easy to complete, though it took me about ten minutes of practice before I was confident in signing out my agent’s name (My hand-eye coordination is not the best). While signing the name, I used this image I created from google searches as my signing template.

sign lang

Check out my video below!