Go Emo Rainbow Remix

This remix assignment asked me to remix a visual assignment which originally wanted me to note the use of rainbow-colors in some media form, with a theme of darkness and black colors. Since this idea was broad, I decided to take the short animated film “Paperman”, and create a black color gradient using frames emphasized in the short. As shown below, the color gradient goes from dark to light grey, representing the hopefulness of each animation frame. The paper airplane is seemingly unsuccessful at first, and the man sees his last hope of getting the mysterious girl’s attention again in the second frame. The third frame shows their first interaction, and the fourth frame shows their final, successful first interaction. The colors are chosen specifically to fit the mood of each scene, and create an “emo” rainbow gradient of sorts based on the emotional low and high beats created throughout the film by its story progression. I found this remix interesting and relatively easy to accomplish!

Emo Rainbow Remix