Miami Spy Convention Reflection

This week, I tuned in for Monday evening’s showing of spy radio shows, with my commentary shown below.

While I personally thought “Cloak and Dagger” was the most ambitious of all the radio shows, I wanted to provide my commentary specifically on the radio show “Miami Spy Convention” instead. Many of the enjoyable details, from the concept and the movie character guest appearances to the student voice acting, were apparent to me upon my first listen. I also appreciated the realistic secondary noise of a crowded convention hall, making me believe the setting of this fictional radio show. I thought the character backgrounds and dialogue were also entertaining. If I had to offer constructive critique, all I could provide is that a few cheesy-but-classic radio sound effects such as a clown horn would have potentially drawn listener attention to specific parts of the convention interviews, in an amusing way which is often done on charming local radio stations across the country.