Paint Tutorial: Photo Mashup

Using the design software Paint, commonly found on the Windows OS, I’ll show one how to complete the Photo Mashup assignment. First, select two photos you want to mash together.



Second, open the photos in two separate Paint programs. Use the zoom feature at the bottom of the screen to zoom in and erase around a character you want to copy into the other photo background.

Tutorial 1

Once you’ve erased around the character, use the transparent free-form selection options to only copy your character. Then paste them into your second image, and position them for a completed assignment! You could also play with photo filtering if you wanted to.

Tutorial 2

Actor remix





Emotional Closeup Mashup

For this 4 point mashup assignment, I needed to take a dramatic closeup photo and place it in an unrelated background that changes the story drastically! I took a tragic character moment from Les Miserables, and placed the scene within an upscale salon – shifting the story to possibly be a salon mishap instead of the sad reality of the character’s final days in the original film. I found the assignment relatively easy to complete, after removing the background from the character in Paint.


Actors Photo Mashup

For this 4.5 point mashup assignment, I was supposed to mash together two actor photos in a believable image. I used Paint to remove excessive pixels from a scene of The Great Gatsby, taking my edited image of Jay Gatsby and placing him with Vesper in a scene from the Bond film Casino Royal! I found the assignment medium in difficulty, as finding similarly-lit photos to lessen the visual juxtaposition between the two actors and removing the background around one actor took a bit of time to accomplish. Here is my result!

Actor remix

10-Second Song Mashup

For this 3.5 point mashup assignment, I needed to take 4 songs and remix them over a 10 second time frame. Below is my result! I took the lyrics from the songs “Obsessions”, “One Week”, “Work That”, and “Froot” to create a love song snippet of a couple who haven’t spoken but are trying to reconnect! Thus the lyrics, ‘Sunday, wake up… it’s been one week since you looked at me… follow me, follow me, follow me… I’m in love’. I found this mashup easy to accomplish using Audacity.