DS106 Showcase

My top three favorite creations came to mind nearly instantaneously, and are shown below from third to first place in terms of assignment execution in my opinion.

Inside of me & Someone like you

This audio mashup struck me immediately upon first listening weeks ago, as the choice of songs shockingly created a uniquely individual tone that was completely unexpected given the famously tragic singing tone Adele imbues on the original track “Someone Like You”. The mashup feelings like a relaxing, mid-tempo piece instead of instrumental-focused or emotionally weighty like the individual songs seemed to be.

Spy Phone Conversation

I thought the simplicity of well-chosen and well-timed sound effects dispersed between believable voice-acting and genre-matching vocal distortion tropes to be an excellent example of a highly successful audio creation which is kept relatively short. Assignments can be impressive without needing to become overly ambitious, if the foundations are well-executed as was in this assignment.

Welcome to Korea!

Finally, this destination postcard is hands-down my personal favorite assignment so far. It perfectly captured the assignment aim, pairing a splendid international backdrop with a sincere and warm greeting towards potential travelers. I actually saved this photo to my desktop when I first saw it weeks ago, because I found it so mesmerizing! Kudos on the selections made with this assignment.