Limetown’s Luminous Soundscape

This week, I tuned in and live-tweeted during Wednesday’s and Thursday’s broadcasts of “Limetown” on DS106 Radio. I found the first night’s experience quite interesting, with the plot familiarizing me with the technological ideas being portrayed in the story and the sound effects used throughout the night ranging more notably towards outdoor effects due to the outdoor interview being conducted by Lea. Below are my tweets from Wednesday night.

When tuning in for Thursday night’s season 1 finale, the more notable sounds were shown to be self-contained within confined spaces (Such as a backdoor being forced opened, a page being turned in an echoed room, or a timer). This effects were influences on my assignments this week, particularly my Speed Dating assignment with Agent 003. Below are my tweets from Thursday’s live tweet-along.

I found this experience highly enjoyable, and would be interested in any similar or related listening opportunities in the weeks to come. The quote on magic’s invention will be in the back of my mind for a while, I believe.