Character Dossier: 003

Prior to being interviewed and hired onto the U.S. Secret Intelligence Agency (SIA), Wren Wilder was an Orlando native with a penchant for outdoors exploration and international travel. His involvement with Boy Scouts at an early age led to an interest in outdoor survival techniques, and his proudest accomplishment from his childhood is his well-earned Archery merit badge. While taking gap years between high school and university to explore Europe, making money in each country as a temporary archery and shooting instructor at local ranges. He stumbled upon a significant malware attack while in France, locking him and other hotel clientele out of their hotel rooms due to the French hotel’s system corruption. A few months later, a British police station made regional newspapers for losing over 8 years worth of police records online by refusing to pay a ransom fee for files impenetrably encrypted by malware designers. Wren then became fascinated with practical cyber-security and researched topics on this new form of opportunistic targeting in the digital age.

After returning to the U.S. and landing a temporary contract position as an introductory shooting instructor at an East Coast facility for the SIA, Wren eventually moved on to Facilities, Operational, and Weaponized Equipment Management. His knowledge of malware risks on the capabilities of target-based weapons grew as a result, as debugging bazooka targeting systems on a slow day kept Wren engaged beyond keeping track of office chairs throughout his facility for property inventory standards. His field-agent collegues eventually noted, through Wren’s official handling of weaponry allocation and collection to agents for each mission, that he preferred no more than three high-tech items being distributed to any agent no matter the circumstances. To the snarky replies that labelled him half-fondly and half-mockingly ‘003’, 003 always responds, “all good things come in threes.”