A Bride and an Aisle: “Sound Effects Story”

For this 3.5 point audio assignment, I was instructed to create a story with at least 5 sounds in under 90 seconds. My product is displayed below.

I first decided on the idea of a bride’s walk down the aisle of her wedding as my story, due to some vivid sounds immediately coming to my mind. I thought that the sound of church bells at the ending and romantic instrumental background music as she walked down the aisle in the beginning of the auditory story would be tonal obvious to the listener. I then tried to flesh out the beginning and ending of the story using my various samples.

I added an opening door effect to signal her entrance, followed by her heels clicking to the alter with soft background music. After a pause symbolizing vows, I used a subtle kissing sound to initiate an audience applause followed by church bells for a total of six sound effects.

I found this assignment interesting, although it was initially challenging to flesh out my concept and further perfect it using Audacity. Most notable was my struggle to find a subtle and not overly-exaggerated kissing sound, which was eventually an achievement for my story. I’d rank this assignment as average, due to the conceptual thought required.