“Malicious StopGate” Malware Commercial

For this 3.5 point audio assignment, I was instructed to create a commercial, preferably for my group’s DS106 Radio show on Sexspionage. Since my own secret agent character, Wren Wilder/003, is a fan of technological security, I decided it would be fitting for our station to promote malware and ransomware protection through security software such as the fictional “Malicious StopGate” software. I wrote a script, recorded the audio delivery until satisfied, and blended the software promotion with keyboard and synth sounds to complete the commercial.

I found this assignment intermediate to difficulty, with the creative aspects of it simply requiring a bit of extra time to creatively flesh out my commercial’s Call to Action (Often referred to in speeches as the ending phrases which call a listener to undertake a particular action, in this case purchase or research the software further). I found this assignment particularly fun to create.