Agent Stories: “Kingsman”

After reviewing Kurt Vonnegut’s discussion on the Shape of Stories, I decided to analyze this week’s story “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. I decided to attempt a visualization of the story, shown below.

Kingsman Chart

The story starts at a low point, as Eggsy did not finish his career plan of British service like his father and is forced to endure a negative home-life. When he is arrested, he hits his lowest point at the “Worst” end of the spectrum before being elevated over time by the training and encouragement of his mentor Harry (With periodic dips due to the dangers and life-threatening situations he is faced with during his training and try-out period for the Kingsman). He reaches his peak when succeeding in his efforts, but is brought down emotionally when Harry is killed.

However, his heightened resolve after discovering the corruption within Kingsman leadership helps him to rise back to intermediate territory before continuously succeeding in his battles and stopping Valentine’s violent plan, before being… rewarded fittingly. I found this method of story analysis highly simplified, but very clear and easy to approach. The visualization of the story matches my perceptions of it, but nonetheless accurate to the film’s progressive plot and tone shifts.