Connected Daily Creates

Based on the events of the opera “Tosca”, Tosca races to her precious Cavaradossi after he pretends to die from a feigned firing-squad style execution when a murder has actually been committed by Tosca herself. She lowers her hand to give him a participation badge for his impressive acting, pausing as no movement follows.

Realizing to her horror that he was actually killed, she kneels beside him using a cross to send an emotional prayer for his soul.

Tosco contemplates her life’s prospects while in shock.

Upon hearing soldiers pursuing her as the culprit of a freshly-discovered body, Tosca hurls herself off a balcony toward her death.




DS106 Showcase

My top three favorite creations came to mind nearly instantaneously, and are shown below from third to first place in terms of assignment execution in my opinion.

Inside of me & Someone like you

This audio mashup struck me immediately upon first listening weeks ago, as the choice of songs shockingly created a uniquely individual tone that was completely unexpected given the famously tragic singing tone Adele imbues on the original track “Someone Like You”. The mashup feelings like a relaxing, mid-tempo piece instead of instrumental-focused or emotionally weighty like the individual songs seemed to be.

Spy Phone Conversation

I thought the simplicity of well-chosen and well-timed sound effects dispersed between believable voice-acting and genre-matching vocal distortion tropes to be an excellent example of a highly successful audio creation which is kept relatively short. Assignments can be impressive without needing to become overly ambitious, if the foundations are well-executed as was in this assignment.

Welcome to Korea!

Finally, this destination postcard is hands-down my personal favorite assignment so far. It perfectly captured the assignment aim, pairing a splendid international backdrop with a sincere and warm greeting towards potential travelers. I actually saved this photo to my desktop when I first saw it weeks ago, because I found it so mesmerizing! Kudos on the selections made with this assignment.



Miami Spy Convention Reflection

This week, I tuned in for Monday evening’s showing of spy radio shows, with my commentary shown below.

While I personally thought “Cloak and Dagger” was the most ambitious of all the radio shows, I wanted to provide my commentary specifically on the radio show “Miami Spy Convention” instead. Many of the enjoyable details, from the concept and the movie character guest appearances to the student voice acting, were apparent to me upon my first listen. I also appreciated the realistic secondary noise of a crowded convention hall, making me believe the setting of this fictional radio show. I thought the character backgrounds and dialogue were also entertaining. If I had to offer constructive critique, all I could provide is that a few cheesy-but-classic radio sound effects such as a clown horn would have potentially drawn listener attention to specific parts of the convention interviews, in an amusing way which is often done on charming local radio stations across the country.




Mission Check-In: Week 8

This week, I created two daily creates through my Twitter account, each of which took a short ten minutes using Paint to make. I actually ended up creating a clock design I would potentially be interest in purchasing if a similar product is ever actually created. My creations are shown below.

I also checked out some other student radio shows, and left feedback in addition to actively liking or retweeting amusing Twitter daily creates by my peers.

My second week of reflection on completing our radio show using separately recording topic segments from each member was also created, highlighting my satisfaction over the resulting product while providing suggested critiques I can take into consideration for future group projects.

Sexspionage Radio Show Completion

Finally, I present our group’s finished radio show! Check it out below, and feel free to leave feedback telling me any of your thoughts. Special thanks goes to Alex, for ordering our segments and uploading the final radio show file. It was a surprising amount of fun in retrospect, though quite the workload. I think our spy/secret agent theme really did heighten the fun of the entire experience.

Sexspionage Radio Show Completion

Completing my 5-person group radio show centering around the theme of sexspionage-style espionage was an interesting process which was highly satisfying upon viewing our finished radio show. I was quite shocked at how cohesive the segments we orchestrated seemed to fit together, even as some members chose storyline-based radio segments for their individual recordings which covered broader stories about spies.

After deciding last week to focus our main radio show theme around sexspionage, and most members already creating radio bumpers and commercials for our show, I set myself the final task of scripting my segment and presenting it through an Audacity-created radio soundscape. Scripting for my segment, which discussed examples of sexspionage from the Honeypot (Female spy) and Romeo (Male spy) perspectives, took the longest amount of time due to research. Those hours were spent listening to C-Span documentaries on Katrina Leung, as well as various web articles on sexspionage icons including Leung, Anna Chapman, and Markus Wolf. Simplifying these ideas, and making executive editing decisions (Such as scrapping Chapman’s story, and making it an ending ‘call to action’ for the listener to check out our fictitious radio show website), were challenging at times.

Once I created my script and recording my 7-minute audio discussion (Usually around two sentences at a time), I began to layer radio sounds in between my discussions to heighten the details of my narrative. Beyond a continuously referenced synth sound motif used, I chose sounds which either introduced my subtopics or emphasized details of each story. I used a Chinese audio sample which translates to “turn on” to foreshadow the story of Chinese double agent Katrina Leung, as well as a Chinese flute theme to add a sense of mystery to her description (Often simplified by historians in retrospect as a stereo-typically mysterious yet powerful “dragon lady” persona). I additionally used a love-song piano piece during the details of her manipulation of James Smith, to show his infatuation with her. Note from Audacity below, that the top third section includes part of my voice recordings, the middle third section includes my specific story-driven sound samples (8-9 total), and the bottom third section includes my re-occurring synth motif (The background sounds are split into two sections to allow me to increase the volume story sounds in contrast with the synth).


When my show shifts to the story of German Romeos, I used a German train boarding sample and a female calling out ‘Romeo’ as opening tools for the subtopic, and ended my show using the mysterious Chinese flute sound as a callback to the beginning part of the show. I was also happy to have found a hair blow-dryer sample I could use during the haircut identification of Romeos, a fun way in my mind to emphasize that particular story detail. See my radio segment below.

In terms of group coordination, I believe we did a decent job of syncing our different subtopics together. Some members decided to broaden their segment topics beyond the sexspionage topic scope slightly, but I respect those creative decisions, with one member’s broad discussion of espionage becoming a great opening segment for our show while two members’ broad storytelling segments served as breaks in between my sexspionage discussion on men and women and another member’s fictional interview with a spy familiar with sexspionage. I followed all guidelines we created as a group, and I’m satisfied with our resulting show. In the future, we could possibly improve upon similar projects by approving of each member’s topic far ahead of time, so that each member’s topic sounds fully integrated into the scope of our show’s segments.


Mission Check-In: Week 7

This week’s mission focus on our group radio show was intriguing! My group decided on Sexspionage as our topic, with my corresponding weekly progress and design challenge posts below.

Next, I completed three weekly daily creates (Shown below).


I additionally kept up with student comments on blogs and Twitter.

Finally, I completed three audio assignments and a design assignment, creating a commercial, a radio bumper, a spy playlist mix-tape, and a radio spy sexspionage poster.

Overall, I had a fun week!




“Malicious StopGate” Malware Commercial

For this 3.5 point audio assignment, I was instructed to create a commercial, preferably for my group’s DS106 Radio show on Sexspionage. Since my own secret agent character, Wren Wilder/003, is a fan of technological security, I decided it would be fitting for our station to promote malware and ransomware protection through security software such as the fictional “Malicious StopGate” software. I wrote a script, recorded the audio delivery until satisfied, and blended the software promotion with keyboard and synth sounds to complete the commercial.

I found this assignment intermediate to difficulty, with the creative aspects of it simply requiring a bit of extra time to creatively flesh out my commercial’s Call to Action (Often referred to in speeches as the ending phrases which call a listener to undertake a particular action, in this case purchase or research the software further). I found this assignment particularly fun to create.

Sexspionage Online Poster Advertisement

For this two-point design assignment, I was instructed to create a poster bumper for my group’s DS106 Radio show on Spy Sexspionage. I decided to create a visual based on online advertising, which often makes use of emoji icons (As was the case for the successful media campaign revolving around the “Deadpool” movie). I took an icon image of guns and lipstick marks, and colored over it in Paint to simplify and pixilate the icons with my own color palette. I then duplicated these images, and used them to frame an online banner visual for our Sexspionage DS106 radio show.


I’d view this assignment as intermediate in difficultly, simply because creating the poster visuals even from a reference image like I did took between 30 minutes and one hour to complete. Check out my visual below!

Sexspionage Radio Show Progress

This week, my DS106 Sexspionage Radio show group was formed. After early group communications through our Google Doc, we limited our options for a show topic to something that included historic spy content (Such as sexspionage), involvement of our own secret agent characters somehow, and discussing technological gadgetry involved in these forms of spying. After further Google Doc discussion, email exchanges of our cell phone contact information and weekly schedule availabilities, and initial research on Sexspionage through the resource “Historical Dictionary of Sexspionage” by Rupert Allason, most of my group was able to meet on Friday to specify our project aims beyond the broad goals of completing radio bumpers, poster visuals, and commercials by the end of this week.

During this meeting, I suggested from referencing the introduction of Allason’s dictionary that certain group members could find and present different historical spies’ sexspionage story (As the dictionary classified different forms of sexspionage, including marriage-based, friendship-based, and homosexuality-based approaches). We also discussed the possibility of a technological discussion on the common gadgetry involved in this, as well as a broad discussion on the social engineering tactics used by spies engaging in sexspionage (Such as the Honeypot tactic). I found our group effective in reaching a broad consensus, and in reaching out to members not present during one of our Google Doc or in-person discussions. Overall, I’m excited to reviewing the commercials and bumpers we each completed this week, as well as seeing how our group member segment drafts come together in the weeks to come.

Radio Show Design Project

My group’s Sexspionage Radio show for DS106 radio required me to create some bumper visual and audio tasks, displayed below. I found the process interesting and engaging, helping me to actually brainstorm ideas used in our group meeting at the end of the week. My poster was inspired by the emoji campaign from “Deadpool” and took about an hour to complete, while my bumper and commercial were more inspired by my cybersecurity-minded secret agent Wren Wilder. View my bumpers below, and check out the links afterwards on the process used in creating each of these assignments!

Sexspionage Radio

Below are my specific blog posts on these creations!